Reprogramming my mindset

It’s been a rough few months from the last time I posted.

I always tell myself I will allow more “me-time” after completing a season of “busy-ness.”

But, as a creature of habit, I am continuously adding more food to my plate before I can even chew what was already in my mouth.

As April comes to an end, with not even half a year into 2017, I have already packed up my plate of life until 2019.

In the midst of all that, I continued my education, now venturing into the world of real estate. It was invigorating, challenging, highly educational, and also heartbreaking.

My education, interests, and career has been so focused on government and politics that although I succeeded throughout my real estate education, I failed in real-world aspects of it all.

Although I would pick myself up again and again, failure kept striking.

Each attempt lowering my self-esteem.

Each attempt crippling my mindset to the point where I told myself I would give up.

Give up is what I did for a bit.

But, now, after reading a book that I received from my boyfriend’s parents, I am more than ever before, ready to take these defeats and negativity and delete them from my mind.

Tomorrow marks a new month and I am ready to start anew, challenge the negative thoughts with positive ones.

This won’t only go for the real estate aspect of my life, but, also for my career.

I’ve also been met with failure in my career.

Often, I try to move on and apply for multiple jobs. Over the past three years, I’ve applied for about seven to ten jobs. Each one saying I did not meet their standards or so.

For the past three years, I kept telling myself after each defeat either:

a. I suck, my skills and expertise are too focused and no one wants me because I’ve just had one profession, although three different positions, for five years or more.


b. Maybe this is just God telling me to stick with the job I have and that through it I’ll have better and more opportunities through it all.

I waver between both each time, but, each thought is the same in its label… It makes it so that I am limiting myself.

So, other than deleting negative thoughts from my mind, I am also going to do my best to uplift my own self and work to not limit myself but to work to always improve myself.  If I am met with defeat or rejection again, I am going to quickly sweep that away and just get back out there and try again.

Because I will not be defined by my mistakes nor my defeats and rejection.

I will not be limited.

I hope the next time I check back in, my life will be a world’s difference… Even if it isn’t at face-value, I hope I’ll be different as a person and in my mindset.

à bientôt,

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