This article was published in the October 1, 2017 issue of the Fil-Am Courier, Hawaii’s leading and longest running Filipino publication.


Introductions all around
By Radiant Cordero

Welcome to draft three of my very first column off “METROPOLITAN MILLENNIAL!”

At first, I told myself that my goal for this first column was either to 1) show how much I love working in local government and possibly even try to persuade you to like/support it also, 2) talk about traveling because traveling is basically what consumes my thoughts 60% of the day, or 3) talk about local politics – which takes up the rest of the 40% of my noggin space – and my minute role in it.

Then, I remembered, I can’t start a whole new column without any explanation at all.  So I “Select All” and deleted the text as I did twice before.

Now, here we are.

First off, I am extremely grateful to transition for the opportunity to provide my own insights by way of monthly editorials.  I am grateful to both Managing Editor Bennette Misalucha for this opportunity and my mom, Publisher and Owner Mary Cordero, for allowing me the opportunity to take her spot in the editorial section for over a year.  Their patience with me is immeasurable and I am thankful for the growth and the challenges.

Now, I get to express myself in a new manner, with  my own column, Metropolitan Millennial.

Just as framing an editorial to reflect the Cover Story in the issue along with personal or related insight was a challenge, I admit that this too will be a challenge (that I wholeheartedly accept).

I liken this column to Content Creators on YouTube.  Content Creators are those who create original content for usage mostly on online platforms. They are responsible for curating and creating content such as writing blogs, photography, video and video editing, graphic design and so forth.

When you watch videos, you’re seeing the product of countless hours of: storyboarding, collaboration, scriptwriting, scoping of locations, blocking shots, filming, editing, uploading, and more.

Overall, these Content Creators are solely responsible for their own ideas and seeing it all into fruition into usable, marketable content.

In this sense, I am fully responsible for imagining what I want my content to consist of each month, what message I want to portray or lesson to teach…  And I can’t wait!


Why focus on a millennial’s perspective?

Tell me, what are the thoughts when you hear the word, “millennial?”  It could either be, “Hey, I’m one,” or “I’m raising one,” or a ton of assumptions that have accumulated throughout the years pinning millennials as the lazy, entitled, indecisive generation who glorify avocado toasts, mason jars, and yearn for instant gratification but can’t take criticism.

It’s been said and sung to many different tunes (literally, look it up on YouTube).

But regardless of the stereotypes, those who generalize can use that energy to take a step further to see what millennials deal with, who some are and what they succeed in, and more.

When they do, they’ll see through the label of “millennial” and see that the largest living generation is made of individuals — who like those before them — are looking to succeed in finding who they are, finding success, or creating their own happiness.

When I graduated with my undergraduate degree a few years ago, the talk of millennials was merely just a label.  Now, one mention of millennials in my training for managers in the City and County of Honolulu, and you’ll need to holler loudly to quiet the voices of dissent about millennials in their departments.

As I sit in my seat Snapchatting the outburst, my mind drifts and I think, “All these people must have felt the same as they were starting off, give us a chance.”

Waiting for the instructor to calm the group down, I notice that she is of a generation before the group that she was quieting.  I see her calmly smile as she says, “You all weren’t any better.”

Laughter replaces remarks of disdain and with just that one clever remark, I see it all come full circle.

As we grow older, it is inevitable that we will work or gain friends with great age differences.  But, in the end, with chances to grow and the opportunity to allow one another to be seen and heard as an individual, we all can and will see that great people and relationships isn’t dependent on age nor generation.

Hopefully, some of that can be highlighted through this column.


What to expect from Metropolitan Millennial?

As I was given this opportunity, I was inundated with options on what the focus of the column could and should be about.

Travel column?  Column to review new restaurants?  Column about local politics?

All would have sufficed, but, what if I want to write beyond the boundaries I set for myself?  I knew I’d disappoint myself leaving me less motivated.

So, I am tempted to say, “don’t expect anything from me or this column,” because that would be the easiest response.

However, I also want to say, “Expect that I’ll write about topics, issues, or events that pique my interest.”  But, that may not always be the case, in my column, I may also want to challenge thoughts or issues that I might oppose.

Though I may not have a particular goal, I do know that I want to be a voice of insight that you may all, our readers, have experienced before:

Being in your twenties and figuring out what to do in life, dealing with social issues and learning where your stance is and morals are, meeting people who will inspire or challenge your values and life, and experiencing places you’ve read about in history books or magazines, and whatever the heck is relevant and entices you.

Did that leave you unsure of what to expect still?  Great, now I look forward to sharing whatever it is that is to come through this column and I can’t wait to grow in my twenties with you all.

Last but not least, full disclaimer: You will see an increase in references to YouTube.




Radiant Cordero is the assistant editor of the Fil-Am Courier, tech. assistant with the FilAm Courier Community Hour on KNDI 1270AM, and a chief of staff with the City and County of Honolulu. Cordero has over eight years of experience in nonprofit organizations, government relations, media relations, and community engagement. Radiant comes from an educational background of Political Science, American Studies, Ethnic Studies,and Public Administration and utilizes her experiences on the Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii, and as an active member/volunteer with Asian American Journalists Association, Read Aloud America, Catholic Charities Hawaii, Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery, Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii, Partners in Care, Hawaii Bicycling League, and now with the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.

Visit the or for more information.

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