My relationship with Radiant began in 2009 as her employer when she applied for an internship. Radiant was hired as one of 10 interns to assist me in operations and management. Radiant fulfilled every aspect of her responsibilities and consistently strove to find ways to assist me in greater depth. This was invaluable to me as I was the sole proprietor and operator of my program. She became my ‘go to’ person and confidante in program matters. Duties included: supervision of members and interns, homework help, administrative duties, website management, maintenance, scheduling, opening and closing procedures, special events, party planning, inventory and other miscellaneous tasks.

Radiant has an intrinsic quality to seek areas where she can be of service to the community she resides. I have consistently seen this in her work with me, her school, church and club affiliations. It is this quality that enables her to rise in the leadership hierarchy of any organization she aligns herself with.

I am honored to submit my highest recommendation for Radiant because of her exemplary service to our organization, her passion for service and her integrity. I entrusted her without hesitation to access every aspect of my business.

We are approaching nine years in our relationship and I know her to be stalwart and loyal in her commitments. I closed my program for economic and health reasons, however, Radiant continues to support me in my projects for the community. She is a ‘finisher’ in my opinion and an asset to any organization.

Radiant’s weakness may be her tendency to be critical of herself. I do not identify this as a self-esteem issue. It is more likely her intention to excel in all that she pursues.

I know of no one as passionate about public service as Radiant is.

– Violet Shimoko, Founder, ClubCharm